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Retro Metal Sofa Bird Feeder

Retro Metal Sofa Bird Feeder

I fondly recall visiting my grandparents in Virginia during the '80s, where I’d venture out to the back patio from the kitchen to find their metal sofa glider. In the summertime, caution was key, but I cherished lying on it and swaying for hours on end.

Retro Metal Glider in Bunting Style

A few years back, I stumbled upon a new retro-style rocker for our patio. It’s not identical to the original, but it suffices. The sofa my grandparents owned, likely a Bunting, boasted a thicker gauge metal and exuded a sense of sturdiness.

Imagine my astonishment a few weeks ago at Lowe’s when I discovered a tray bird feeder mirroring this design.!

Vintage metal patio sofa bird feeder

Having been on the hunt for a tray-style feeder to accommodate the bluejays, this one, albeit too petite for them, was perfect to send waves of retro delight through me. It’s a charming addition to our garden. Now, all that’s left is to witness a bird gracefully “gliding” upon it.

Here is the link to the feeder if you are interested.