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Owl & Rabbit

Owl by Beechwood Metalworks

If you're a fan of unique, whimsical yard art, you'll want to discover Owl and Rabbit Gallery in Burlington, North Carolina. This treasure trove of eye-catching sculptures is sure to tempt any yard art enthusiast.

The store specializes in delightful kinetic sculptures and beautifully crafted metal animals. Many of the pieces are sourced from Beechwood Metalworks, known for their superior quality. I left the charming inchworm sculpture in their window as a tempting reason to revisit!

Metal Yard Art Inchworm found at Owl and Rabbit Gallery

If you're in the Burlington area or looking for a fun day trip from Raleigh, Owl and Rabbit Gallery is a must-see. Just a word of advice: avoid taking the train like I did, unless you want the challenge of transporting your new treasures home by rail!